Thermometer Large

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Introducing the Taylor Standard 1 3/4" Dial Thermometer, a precision instrument designed to elevate your cheesemaking experience. With an expansive temperature range from 0°F to 220°F (or -10°C to 100°C), this analog thermometer is your key to achieving perfection in every cheese batch.

Featuring an extra-long 8" stainless steel stem, this thermometer is not only ideal for cheesemaking but also versatile enough for frothing pitchers and stock pots. The included pan clip ensures secure attachment, keeping the thermometer in place during the entire process.

The Taylor thermometer delivers with a remarkable precision of +1% at the midpoint and +2% of the range. Experience the confidence that comes with reliable temperature readings, ensuring your cheesemaking endeavors are consistently on point.

Calibration is a breeze thanks to the recalibration feature, allowing you to fine-tune the thermometer with a known temperature reference. Crafted with precision and convenience in mind, the Taylor Standard Analog Thermometer is your trusted companion for achieving the perfect temperatures in the art of cheesemaking.