The Cheesemaker's Manual

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"The Cheesemaker's Manual" 4th Edition by Margaret Peters
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"The Cheesemaker's Manual" 4th Edition by Margaret Peters: This manual was written from material that Margaret accumulated over several years of cheesemaking and exchanging information with other cheesemakers and professionals within the industry.

The Cheesemaker's Manual is a comprehensive book for farmstead and home cheesemakers. The methods and techniques used incorporate traditional and artisanal flair. Recipes are written in a step-by-step manner enabling the user to follow them with ease and confidence. Includes recipes to make cheese and dairy products from cow, goat and sheep milk with an emphasis on European style cheeses in both hard and soft cheese categories. Chapters include: Cheese classification; Milk components; Milk quality control; Sanitation for the hobbyist; Cheesemaking ingredients; The cheesemaking process; Acidity testing methods and guidelines; Equipment for the hobbyist; Prepared mother culture recipes; Butter and yogurt recipes; Fresh cheese recipes; Soft ripened cheese recipes; Semi-hard and hard cheese recipes; Whey cheese recipes; Industrial cheese recipes; Troubleshooting Guide; Glossary & supplier list.