Tomme Mold

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Tomme Cheese Mold – the essential tool for crafting artisanal, semi-firm cheeses with distinctive Alpine character. This high-quality mold is designed to shape your cheese into the classic wheel form, embodying the rustic charm and robust flavor that Tomme cheeses are renowned for.

Whether using a press or weights, the follower ensures uniform pressure, resulting in cheeses with consistent texture, flavor, and moisture content.

The small mold is recommended for 2-3 gallons of milk, producing 2-3 lbs. of pressed cheese. It's important to note that the follower on this mold does not reach all the way to the bottom of the mold base. This intentional design prevents users from making a pressed cheese that is too thin and will not age well. Users will need at least 2 lbs. of cheese curd to press with this mold. 

The large mold is recommend for 2-4 gallons of milk, producing 2-4 lbs. of pressed cheese. 



Small - 7.5" (top diameter) x 7.0" (base diameter) x 3.5" (height)

Large - 8" (top diameter) x 8" (base diameter) x 6" (height)