New Store, New Us

New Store, New Us

Posted by Katie Phillips on 1st Mar 2024

Greetings! We're thrilled to announce some exciting changes happening here at GetCulture! Originating as an offshoot of Dairy Connection back in 2013, GetCulture emerged due to the increasing interest in cheese making among enthusiasts who operated on a smaller scale. Initially tucked away in a corner office of our building, with the guidance of our owner, Dave Potter, aka our dad, and the support of our Dairy Connection colleagues, GetCulture soon flourished into its own distinct entity.

Fast forward to 2024, and we find ourselves celebrating a decade of success. However, we felt it was time for an upgrade. While many of the alterations we've implemented may not immediately catch your eye, the most noticeable changes come in the form of our revamped logo and website. Our new online platform boasts enhanced features such as order tracking and status updates, reflecting advancements that have become commonplace over the past decade. Unfortunately, due to limitations with our previous website, we were unable to seamlessly transfer existing customer login details. Thus, returning patrons will need to create new accounts. If you're struggling to recall your past orders, drop us an email at, and we'll gladly provide you with your order history and favorite items.

Regrettably, the transition to our new website resulted in the loss of all previous product reviews. We kindly request a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts on your favorite products. Your feedback, detailing how you utilize these items and what you appreciate about them, would be immensely valuable to us.

We understand that a logo redesign may seem trivial to some, but for us, it represents a significant step forward in aligning our visual identity with our company ethos and future aspirations. As we embark on the transition of ownership to the second generation, assuming the reins from our father, Dave, who has led us with knowledge and commitment, we feel prepared for the challenge of stewarding this small business into the future.

Lastly, we're excited to introduce this blog as part of our latest update. Over the coming year, we'll be sharing various recipes and documenting our experiences, alongside addressing frequently asked questions we receive. Our aim is to provide you with new insights and deepen your understanding of fermentation. Whether you're an aspiring hobbyist, envisioning your own creamery, or somewhere in between, we're delighted to have you join us on this journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support over the past decade, and we eagerly anticipate the years ahead. Here's to many more adventures together!

Katie and Melissa