American Farmstead Cheese

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American Farmstead Cheese
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"American Farmstead Cheese: The Complete Guide to Making and Selling Artisan Cheeses" by Paul Kinstead with the Vermont Cheese Council: This comprehensive guide to farmstead cheese explains the diversity of cheeses in terms of historical animal husbandry, pastures, climate, preservation and transport -- all of which still contribute to the uniqueness of farm cheeses today. This book introduces the reader to artisan cheesemaker Peter Dixon, who shares his own process for cheesemaking. Alison Hooper, cofounder of Vermont Butter & Cheese Company, shares her experience -- both the mistakes and the successes -- to guide you in your own business adventure with cheese. David and Cindy Major, owners of Vermont Shepherd, a sheep dairy and cheese business, tell the story of their farm and business from rocky beginning to successful end. Discover the composition of milk (and its seasonal variations), starter cultures, and the chemistry of cheese. This book includes: a fully illustrated guide to basic cheesemaking; discussions on the effects of calcium, pH, salt and moisture on the process; ways to ensure safety and quality through sampling and risk reduction; methods for analyzing the resulting composition.